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Deep Freeze 7.61 Released
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 08 March 2013 10:22 AM
Deep Freeze 7.61 is now available from all the usual locations.  
This is a bug fix release that resolves several bugs.
  • Support for BitLocker - previous verisons of Deep Freeze would BSOD when installed on a system with BitLocker
  • Resolved an issue where BSOD's would result referencing a IRPStack error.
  • Resolved an issue where workstations with a IDE ZIP drive would BSOD on install of Deep Freeze.

Detailed release notes can be found at:
Please note that our Faronics Labs portal still references 7.60 as the current release, however the files have been updated to 7.61 and the license keys have been updated.

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