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Support for Spring Creators Update
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 12 April 2018 11:25 AM
Faronics has been testing Deep Freeze and our other products against the Insiders builds of Windows as they are being released. At this time we don’t have any specific issues with the Insiders builds that we are aware of.
That being said, our products have been caught by last-minute changes to Windows before the public release. Provided we don’t see any surprises, we hope to confirm support for the Spring Creators Update within a week of general availability. Once we have done our testing, we will update this post with any details and update our documentation.

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Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.52
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 02 April 2018 05:49 PM
Earlier today Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.52 was released to our customer base, however shortly after release an issue was exposed regarding the digital certificates used in the build. At this time we have recalled the 8.52 release and are working on updating the build to correct this issue. 

Customers who have downloaded the 8.52 release should hold on installing until we have an updated build available. Customers who have already installed and are seeing issues with the build should contact Faronics Support for assistance in remediating the problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to provided updates as they become available.

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Product Affected: Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.51
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 (Build 16299)

We've identified that the upgrade to the 1709 makes some changes to the boot control configuration on the machine and allows these messages to be displayed when restarting the machine.  We are working with Microsoft to resolve this issue completely.  To prevent this screen in the meantime, you can apply the following command to your machines: 

bcdedit /set {current} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

This can be deployed either through an elevated command prompt on a single machine, or deliver it via a batch script using the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console's "Push and Launch" feature to a group of machines.

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UPDATE : FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018 @ 3:30PM Pacific Time

Our Developers have pushed some additional fixes to the cloud that should resolve the rest of the machines having this issue. The fix may take up to 12 hrs for a machine to pick up the change and reboot out of the maintenance mode. Machines may require a manual reboot back into a frozen state to fully resolve this issue.

If you have machines that need to be recovered immediately we have pushed a updated patch for this issue that can be run manually on the systems affected using any remote control utility, or any utility that can push a file and execute it on a remote machine. This includes the Push and Launch function of the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. This utility can be downloaded here;

If you need further assistance please feel free to reach out to us regarding this issue.


UPDATE : FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018 @ 1:55PM Pacific Time

Our developers are continuing to review this issue and to investigate some additional reports that where not resolved with the initial fix. We will continue to update the status here as more infromaton is provided. Again if you are having any issues please reach out to to update us on the status of your issue.


UPDATE : FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018 @ 12:48PM Pacific Time

Our developers have pushed a updated file to our Cloud Services to address this issue, rebooting your computer(s) should end the maintenance tasks that are stuck. Machines may need to be set to a Frozen State through an additional reboot to return the machine to to the protected state.

Again, if you are still having issues please give the support team a shout to let us know at


We have been made aware of some customers experiencing problems where machines are not exiting the Deep Freeze Cloud Maintenance tasks. 

Our developers are looking into the data collected by our customers and will be providing further updates shortly. If you are seeing this issue please reach out and contact the Faronics support team so that we can open up a support ticket to track this issue and reach out directly once the issue is resolved. The team can be reached at
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Over the last several days we have been made aware of situations where customers are seeing our Antivirus Software reporting alerts from the Trojan.Inject.BED being detected on some systems running Faronics Antivirus. This is occurring due to a false positive that was occurring during memory scanning while specific common Windows applications where in use (PowerPoint and Excel being two examples) on Windows 10 systems.

In cases where false positive has occurred no files where quarantined and no disruptive action would have been taken on the system as a result of this false positive.

Updated definition files have been pushed to our update servers to address this issue at this time. We recommend that all customers update to the latest version of the definition files for Faronics Antivirus to avoid these false positives moving forward.
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